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Welcome to Team Pärvelö's website!

14.7.2014: Crowdfunding for Lepakkoluola was a success! Thanks to everyone!

27.4.2014: Second issue of Gaijin comes out this weekend and is available from the webshop!

15.1.2014: New postcards and more invisible hipsters!

12.10.2013: We have new prints and an amazing artbook!

3.7.2013: New prints and cards available in the webshop!

31.3.2013: Gaijin now available in the webshop!

19.8.2012: There will be a gallery show of the original art of Hyi Homoa! in Sarjakuvakeskus in Helsinki. It's there from December 3rd to January 6th.

6.6.2012: Hyi, Homoa! will be released in Desucon 6.6 at 18.00 in Vip-lounge. After that the comic and our new prints and postcards are available in Desucon's artist alley. Hyi, Homoa! is available in our web-shop after Desucon, that is around 11.6.

15.2.2012: H-P's comic Lammas is now available to buy, and if you can read Finnish, there is also her story DevonWriMo to download!

8.2.2012: Unfortunately we have to cancel our coming to Kitacon. South side of Team Pärvelö can't get to here, and they have most our comics and things. We are sorry.

15.1.2012: Happy new year from Team Pärvelö! This year's first convention, Desucon Frostbite, is now over. We have two new postcards, which you can see in posters & cards-page and in the webshop. We also have a new comic by Hanna-Pirita, Lammas, but it almost sold out in Frostbite, and we get some more to sell here later.

25.9.2011: Now you can find us also in Facebook and Tumblr!

Thank you all for this gone summer! We'll be back seling in conventions next year, and meanwhile you can find us in the Internet. :)

28. June 2011
TentaLOVE was featured in Finnish anime-magazine Anime. We are very proud of Suspu.

March 2011
Team Pärvelö's new site is now finally open!

Team Pärvelö will appear in these upcoming events:

17.5.2014 Arabian Katufestivaali, Helsinki
6. - 8.6.2014 Desucon, Lahti
14.6.2014 Hypecon, Hyvinkää
17. - 29.6.2014 Gallery show by Lepakkoluola artists in 10 Elielinaukio 2G, Helsinki
12. - 13.7.2014 Animecon, Kuopio
5. - 7.9.2014 Helsinki Comics Festival, Helsinki